Monday, September 26, 2016

September Recap

What a great month we've had in the music room!  While each grade level worked on specific music skills, the overarching goal this month was creating a safe, fun, active, creative learning environment where everyone can find success. Here are some specific highlights from each grade...

Grade 2

  • learning community building songs, including the YES Song, Self Control and Welcome to Music
  • reading and very accurately playing rhythms using quarter and eighth notes and quarter note rests
  • reviewing fancy music words for musical opposites - forte/piano, presto/largo, legato/staccato, high low
Grade 3
  • performing Patriotic music with our voices and other classroom instruments
  • reviewing music opposites, note values and rhythm reading/playing
  • exploring music styles
Grade 4
  • beginning recorder!
  • reviewing Patriotic songs
  • reviewing reading music on the staff (specifically B and A, as those are the first recorder notes we learned)
Look for song booklets coming home soon!  We're off to a strong musical start!

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