Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Interested in purchasing a ukulele??

Your child wants a ukulele to play at home?? He is asking for a uke for the holidays or a birthday?

YES!!! My job is complete ;-)

It's important to buy an instrument that will stay in tune and provide years of music for your family. Here are a couple of tips for purchasing -

  • We use soprano ukes here at YES. They are a perfect size for our young musicians.
  • Like everything, some brands hold up better over time than others. A few brand names to consider (there are many others out there - check reviews before purchasing): Kala, Luna, Diamond Head, Donner. Look for instruments with geared tuners and nylon strings.
  • A decent beginner ukulele should be in the $50 range. There are some packages that also include extra strings, cases and a tuner. This is worth the extra few dollars to protect your investment.
If your child gets a new uke, please have him or her bring it in to me so I can help get it tuned up. This may take a couple of days, as the strings have to be stretched before they the tune will hold. I am always happy to get your instrument back in tune if needed, or to teach you or your child how to tune it yourself!

Happy Music Making!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Welcome YES Musicians!!

It's hard to believe we are looking at the beginning of another school year! As much as I will miss the freedom and play of summer, I am also so looking forward to getting back to making music and memories with all of you.

I hope to see many of you next Thursday, August 30, at our drop in Open House. Be sure to make your way back to the music room to see me. I'll be there waiting for you!!